Everyone talks about quality, but at Diversified Precision Products we take “precision” seriously. It is our proven track record and dedication to quality since 1969 that sets us apart as an industry leader.

We offer a unique combination of advanced cutting tool technology and an industry leading quality assurance system that allows us to maintain a level of dimensional integrity unmatched in our field. Quality throughout our lean manufacturing process—from pre-production to shipping—ensures that your order is produced accurately, shipped once, and delivered on-time.

At Diversified, quality is part of everything we do and our work environment is designed to foster continuous improvement. With every task, we are committed to enhancing your productivity and ensuring even the tightest tolerances for your cutting tool.

For us, quality is incorporated in all aspects of our business and embodies many components and commitments including:



Quality Commitment

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Our integrated Spring Arbor, Michigan manufacturing facility operates under an ISO 9001:2015 registered quality management system. This operating system drives continuous improvement in the way we conduct our business and ensures that statutory or regulatory requirements are met.

Kaizen—Continuous Improvement

Kaizen is Japanese for “change for the better” or “improvement”; the English translation is “continuous or continual improvement.” We conduct focused projects, known as Kaizen events, on particular areas of the company targeted for improvement. The result is higher quality tools manufactured for our customers.

Lean Manufacturing

We conduct business based on a lean manufacturing process that provides the basis for keeping our costs down which means providing our customers with overall value—both quality and price. This approach coupled with 5S and Kaizen events has helped us identify and eliminate waste, improve quality, and increase customer satisfaction.

State of the Art Technology
Our strict emphasis on quality is combined with the latest technology to offer our customers a competitive edge. We use the following technologies and systems to guarantee precision:

5-axis Walter Helitronic tool grinders
Wire EDM capabilities
CNC cylindrical grinding—Rollomatic NP4
CNC machining
Video imaging
Laser inspection
AutoCad/SolidWorks/Mastercam—working directly from your drawings or blueprints
Database information systems for work instructions, bar coding, and document control
Throughput velocity improved by lean manufacturing processes

Environmental Stewardship
We are committed to operating our facility in accordance with environmental policies and all applicable laws and regulations. We go above and beyond industry standards, specifically:

Minimize waste—recycling scrap metal
Conserve natural resources by using recycled products in the office
Train our employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner
Handle and dispose waste materials (e.g., chemicals and cleansers) through safe, environmentally responsible methods
Conserve energy by improving operational efficiency through our lean manufacturing processes
Conduct environmental assessments and make recommendations for improvements in our facility and manufacturing process



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Diversified Precision Products has joined ARCH Cutting Tools and is now operating as ARCH Cutting Tools – Spring Arbor. This change broadens our product offerings to customers and strengthens our position as Your Complete Tool Making Authority®.