Diversified Precision Products’ work rest blades are the right choice for long lasting centerless grinder tooling. We understand that your success and reputation depends on selecting the right work rest blade.

To help make your choice easier, we have a solid state induction brazing station that allows us to provide you seamless tungsten carbide tipped steel body blades up to 37″ long. Seamless blades mean no wear spots on braze joints and that simply means more parts between blade changes and reconditioning. The result is a made to specification work rest blade that provides you with the best value for your money.

Our state-of-art manufacturing capabilities and quality processes ensure:

  • Thru-feed blades with seamless tungsten carbide tips up to 37″
  • Infeed blades with step tolerances of ±.00005″
  • Longer blade life—increasing profitability
  • Precision ground carbide or ceramic contact surfaces

Diversified Precision Products stocks many standard blade sizes and can supply special sizes upon request with submission of specifications.


Made to Order Work Rest Blades

Diversified Precision Products is the industry leader in manufacturing made-to-order work rest blades. We manufacture thru feed and infeed work rest blades to your specifications.

We make thru feed blades up to 37″ with seamless carbide tips. For infeed blades, we are capable of grinding step tolerance of ±.00005″—allowing you to grind parts with even the tightest of tolerances. The carbide or ceramic contact surfaces on our work rest blades are ground to a fine finish to ensure the highest quality parts for all materials.

Tooling up for new parts? No problem. We will work closely with you to engineer your centerless grinder work rest blades.

Reconditioning Services

We also offer regrinding and re-tipping services for work rest blades. We repair your old blades back to the original specifications.

If the blade is only worn, we regrind the critical surfaces. However, if the contact surfaces are cracked or chipped—we replace the carbide then grind the work rest blade to the specified dimensions.



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